Zero-Day Attacks: What Organizations Can Do to Prevent Them

Understanding Zero-Day Attacks

  1. The business/ developers release a web application or a new update, unaware of the existence of a vulnerability (vulnerable code/ misconfiguration/ in-built security weakness, etc.).
  2. A window of opportunity is now open for attackers until the business uncovers the vulnerability and fixes/patches it.
  3. Attackers snoop around and find an unsecured vulnerability. They may either sell the information in the black market or leverage the vulnerability to author a zero-day exploit
  4. If the business does not identify the vulnerability and/or the attacker is discreet enough, exposing the application to a high risk of advanced persistent threats.
  5. If the business identifies the zero-day vulnerability before an attack happens, it can start developing a patch to fix the vulnerability.
  6. Now, it is a known vulnerability but is not secure until the patch is developed. So, the risk of its exploitation by attackers remains.

Who can be targeted?

zero day attack for organizations

How to Prevent Zero-Day Attacks?

Vulnerability Scanning

Proactive Patching of Vulnerabilities

prevent zero day attacks

Advanced Measure for zero-day threat prevention

Deployment of a Managed, Intuitive WAF



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