Why Managed Cloud WAF is Must-Have to Stop Website Attacks

  • Show that they have taken steps proactively and this is a huge factor for winning customer trust
  • To demonstrate their ability in actions to get to the bottom of the attack and communicate what happened and what steps they are taking to mitigate it. This also builds trust.

What is Managed Cloud WAF?

  • A managed WAF ‘cloud’ removes the trouble of compliance, regulation, or management complications to business owners and offers you a security application that keeps your business running.
  • Most business owners believe and opt for cloud-based managed WAF as their first line of defense against website attacks.
  • Where 65% of firms are doubtful about the workings of traditional WAF, you will find businesses are ready to spend an average of $620K per year on the cloud version.
  • With the use of cloud WAF, you can see a visible enhancement in the overall data security effectiveness and a decrease in configuration errors.

Basic Advantages of Managed Cloud WAF

  • Hack web servers
  • Find Vulnerabilities and manage targeted exploits
  • Crash sites
  • Target internet-connected endpoints
  • Wreak havoc on your IT infrastructure
  • Steal data

1. Prevention of Malicious Attacks on Data

2. Assistance for Effective Business Scaling

3. Enhances Security Measures

  • Multi-cloud
  • Hybrid
  • On-premise



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