Why Do We Need WAF?


What is WAF?

Why is WAF Needed?

Effective Protection from Known Vulnerabilities and Threats

Identification of And Protection Against Bad Bots

  • constantly updated signature pool
  • behavior analysis based on global, historical data
  • user-agent knowledge,
  • continuous traffic profiling and monitoring,
  • JavaScript No-Op (challenge-based approach) to force the user to prove they are not bots,
  • real-time intelligence
  • Signature Blacklisting — Blocking of online entities based on identifiable, malicious signatures.
  • Geolocation Enforcement — Blocking website access to areas with no operations or delivery.
  • Session Limiting — Defining limits on session length, number of visits, and traffic volume to kill lengthy sessions, ensure session cookies are not saved and minimize risks of bots leveraging security loopholes.
  • Blocking traffic from single IP addresses
  • Behavior monitoring to prevent brute-force attacks

Virtual Patching Coupled with Real Intelligence to Strengthen Security

Application Risk Specific Custom configuration

Protection against DDoS attacks

Better Website Performance




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