What Is Cyber Security Audit and How It Is Helpful for Your Business?

cybersecurity audit

How Would Your Business Cyber Risk Management Perform If You Hit by An Attack Tomorrow?

  • Out of date technology not packing up against new challenges — Being dependent on older technologies like old software, old hardware, outdated policies & practices, and outdated services can leave you vulnerable to emerging threats.
  • Risks flowing widespread over opportunities — You should experiment and innovate with new technologies. If you’re feared adopting new technologies with the concern that new tech will leave you exposed to new threats, then you need a cybersecurity audit.
  • Thinking your business is “Too small” for cybersecurity Audit — Considering that only large-scale companies require cybersecurity Audits? Think Again! Most companies, regardless of size, are increasingly outsourcing services, which enables third parties to have a close look at your critical systems and practices. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from a cybersecurity assessment.

What is a Cybersecurity Audit?

What is the main purpose of a security Audit?

The Scope of a Cybersecurity Audit

  • Data Security — involves a review of network access control, encryption use, data security at rest, and transmissions
  • Operational Security — involves a review of security policies, procedures, and controls
  • Network Security — a review of network & security controls, SOC, anti-virus configurations, security monitoring capabilities, etc.
  • System Security — This review covers hardening processes, patching processes, privileged account management, role-based access, etc.
  • Physical Security — a review that covers disk encryption, role-based access controls, biometric data, multifactor authentication, etc.

Internal vs External Cybersecurity Audit

How Cybersecurity Audit will be helpful for your Business?

  • Highlight and address weak spots
  • Delivers in-depth analysis of internal and external security practices
  • Identify gaps in your defense
  • Determines whether you must enhance your security posture or not
  • Recommends how to leverage technology in business security
  • Testing controls
  • Staying ahead of cybercriminals
  • Reputational value
  • Assurance to employees, clients, and vendors
  • Increased technology and security performance

8 Best Practices for A Cybersecurity Audit

Cybersecurity Audit and Cyber Risk Management Services for Business

  • Measuring the existing security program against proven industry standards
  • Audit security policies and procedures
  • Internal & external vulnerability scanning
  • Unlimited scanning to ensure comprehensive risk detection
  • Business logic vulnerability checks
  • Zero false positive assurance
  • Malware monitoring & Blacklisting Detection



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