What is Advanced Bot Protection? |

How does Advanced Bot Protection work?

Advanced Bot Mitigation Techniques

  1. Behavioral and Application context-based Approach- In this technique, the software looks at the signature behavior of every visitor and sees if it is exactly what it claims to be. It makes a baseline of regular behavior and sees if the user differs from that. It also compares these behavior patterns with previously known bad bots and acts based on if it is suspicious (throw a captcha for additional validation) and block if it is guaranteed to be a bad bot.
  2. Static Approach- The bot protection tools identify header information and web requests related to bad bots that determine the bot’s identity. If it finds any malicious behavior, it is immediately blocked.
  3. Challenge-based Approach- It checks if the traffic is from humans or bots. These bot detectors can check the user’s ability to run JavaScript, use cookies, and handle CAPTCHA elements. If the user cannot process any of these elements, it is usually a bot and is blocked and the intelligence gained from the CAPTCHA challenge, including fingerprinting information is used for future behavioral application context-based detection.

Benefits of Advanced Bot Protection



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