Role of Vulnerability Management Investments in Addressing Security Concerns

vulnerability management

Vulnerability Management Investments: How do They Help Address Security Concerns?

1. The Right Security Vulnerability Management Solution = Greater Accuracy and Effectiveness

2. Searchable Inventory of All Your Assets

3. Proactively Addressing the Evolving Threat Landscape

4. Understanding Security Gaps and Weaknesses

  • Identify programming and coding errors in the SDLC stage itself and remediate them
  • Detect security misconfigurations, encryption errors, unpatched software, weak access controls, and other vulnerabilities, beyond CVEs
  • Identify wireless network loopholes, infrastructural deficiencies, malware, website defacements, and so on
  • Ensure compliance and regulatory frameworks are met
  • Understand how vulnerable their employees and other end-users are with respect to social engineering attacks
  • Identify business logic flaws and zero-day vulnerabilities

5. Uninterrupted Performance



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