Review and Refresh Your Application Security Program

application security program

Robust and dynamic application security is non-negotiable for all kinds and sizes of organizations. Failing to protect web applications proactively and effectively increases the risks of financial losses, legal complications, and massive reputational damage. It even raises questions on business continuity. The most important step in strengthening web-based application security is set up and constantly reviewing the robust and dynamic application security management program.

Read on to learn more about setting up such a program, apt for the modern-day security requirements.

What Does Application Security Management Program Entail?

Application Security Management Programs establishes a roadmap entailing processes, methods, metrics, and best practices needed to achieve the security goals. It lays down the framework to make web-based application security reliable, scalable, and compliant.

Ideally, the program starts in the developmental stages to ensure the application is secure by design. Here, coding practices, web development frameworks, plug-ins, and so on are in line with the secure coding guidelines.

A proper application security management program is comprehensive and includes all devices (including remote ones), systems, networks, applications, third-party and open-source components, custom applications, and so on. The program must necessarily include the identification, analysis, and prioritization of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and security weaknesses that exist in the IT infrastructure.

Given the massiveness of the infrastructure, a combination of methods, Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), and Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) tools are deployed.

Why Review and Refresh the Application Security Program?

Given the rapid and continuous evolution of the threat landscape, all web applications are in a constant state of threat. Newer and more lethal vulnerabilities are rising, and attackers are discovering more sophisticated and innovative ways to exploit them. We are moving to cloud-based infrastructures, relying more on digital operations, and ushering in more remote work. Entirely, cybersecurity risks are only amplifying.

Given this context, do ‘good enough’ security measures suffice? Can manual-only web application security solutions provide effective security? Will only incidence-response-based strategies suffice?

Definitely not.

We need to move away from the clinical approaches of the past that merely looked at vulnerability scanning results and firewall reviews. Such approaches leave gaping security weaknesses and loopholes, eroding the security posture.

Organizations must rebuild and refresh their web-based application security practices to address the new challenges and relentlessly transforming the security needs of today. They must leverage next-gen approaches, futuristic technology, and the latest best practices to usher efficiency, agility, and reliability in application security.

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Refreshing the Application Security Management Program: The Best Practices

1. Dynamism in Planning and Strategy is Must

2. Leverage Cloud-based Application Security

3. Focus on Real-time Visibility

4. Incorporate the Latest Techniques

5. Collaborate with Key Stakeholders

The Way Forward

Application security management programs must empower you to stay in full control of your mission-critical assets, information, and IT infrastructure. By choosing a trustworthy third-party service provider, you can effectively do so.

Choose an application security service provider with ample experience and in-depth expertise in technical, technological, and industry-related standards and best practices like AppTrana. AppTrana takes a 360-degree approach to building your security management program. The program is designed with the full picture of your organization and in alignment with global and local compliance frameworks and regulatory standards.

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