Not Sure Which Security Solution is Right for Your Business?

security solution

Considerations for Choosing the Right Security Solution

1. Know Your Needs, Context, and Security Threats

2. Evaluate Threat Intelligence, Remediation, Analytics, and Reporting Capabilities

  • How agile is the solution?
  • How does the solution respond in the event of a security incident?
  • How frequent is security scanning? What kind of coverage does it provide?
  • How comprehensive is the coverage?
  • Can the solution grow with your business? Is it scalable?
  • Can it be tuned later for your changing needs?
  • Can reports be customized?
  • What about visibility into the security posture?
  • What kind of technical support is provided?
  • How is it deployed? Is it a cloud, hardware, or software solution? How easy is it to deploy?

3. Is the Security Solution Future-Proofed?

4. Evaluate Industry Experience of the Managed Security Service Provider

5. Ask for a Free Trial

6. Cost Considerations



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