How are Security Misconfigurations Detected, Diagnosed, and Determined?

security misconfiguration

What are Security Misconfigurations?

  • Directory listing is not disabled
  • Unpatched software, legacy options, unwanted services, unused pages/features, and unprotected files/ directories, are running on the application
  • Debug mode is used in the production environment
  • Outbound connections to internet service are enabled
  • Unnecessary admin ports are left open

Why Do These Vulnerabilities Occur?

security misconfiguration vulnerabilities
  • Human error is at the core of many misconfigurations
  • The misconception of ‘don’t fix what is not broken’ has led developers/businesses to leave configurations unchanged even though there is an underlying risk permeating from the vulnerability.
  • Default settings/ configurations have been left unchanged by webmasters/ developers. Today, attackers are known to rely on unchanged and insecure default settings/ configurations to orchestrate automated attacks on applications.
  • Configurations that were incomplete and meant to be temporary have remained unchanged. In this case, even the application which was safe in the development environment is exposed to a high risk of attacks in the production environment.
  • Use of easily exploitable gateways like unpatched software/ components/ libraries/ flaws, outdated options, unnecessary services, rarely used pages/ features, etc.
  • The advent of the hybrid data centers
  • Extensive usage of public clouds & third-party components
  • Increasingly dynamic and complex applications, OS, frameworks, and workloads that are constantly upgraded/ changed
  • Technologically diverse environments
  • Firewalls with loosely defined and permissive policies
  • Third-party vendors whose offerings lack visibility and/or shared responsibility

How are Security Misconfigurations Detected, Diagnosed, and Determined?

1. Gaining Visibility into the Hybrid and Complex Environment

2. Scanning and Testing Internally and Externally for Misconfigurations

3. Prevention of Misconfigurations

security misconfiguration prevention



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