Enabling TLS 1.3 Certificate — Are You Ready for Moving Forward?

TLS Certificate

What is a TLS Certificate?

What Does TLS 1.2 Mean?

Possible Vulnerabilities in TLS 1.2

What Does TLS 1.3 Mean and Is It Safe?

  • Better Security
  • Increased Speed
  • Simplified Cipher Suites

TLS 1.3 Vs TLS 1.2 — The Enhancements That TLS 1.3 Brings

1. Increased Speed with Faster TLS Handshake

2. Zero Round Trip Time (0-RTT)

3. Privacy Benefits

4. Simpler and Stronger Cipher

5. Makes the Internet Safer

  • EXPORT-strength ciphers
  • CBC (Block) Mode Ciphers
  • RSA Key Transport
  • DES
  • 3DES
  • MD5 Algorithm
  • SHA-1 Hash Function
  • RC4 Stream Cipher
  • Various Diffie-Hellman groups



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